3 good reasons to add mulch to your yard

Don't have time to keep up with mulching? We'll install, replenish or replace your mulch when needed. You can benefit from our mulching services because:

Mulch comes in a range of colors and textures

it can be used as an accent to complement the look of your landscape

Mulch prevents soil erosion and conserves moisture

it holds in the nutrients your plants need to thrive

Mulch protects your plants and trees

a layer of mulch keeps weeds and mowers away from your plant life

Rely on us to add mulch to your landscape, and start reaping the benefits right away. Say goodbye to pesky weeds hiding in your flower beds - call now for mulching and weeding services in Sanford, Carthage, Western Hills, Tramway, Trail Ends, Lemon Springs and Broadway, NC.